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Don’t look any further for your exclusive  HOVERBOARDS. These includes Hummer Hoverboards, Off-Road Hoverboards and many more. We have high quality hoverboards for sale!!

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The variety of Hummer Hoverboards.

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Off-road hoverboards with different colors.

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Hoverkarts with different colors.

Hoverboards For Sale Johanneburg

Don’t look any further for your exclusive, self-balancing HOVERBOARDS®. These exciting self-balancing boards are the pinnacle of future in day to day travel, and can be used for a range of different ways. We specialise in the 2 wheel HOVERBOARDS® self-balancing hoverboards meaning we offer the finest quality Electric HOVERBOARDS® self-balancing boards you will ever own! We are renowned for supplying only the safest R1 electric scooters by HOVERBOARDS® that are designed with high-quality components and are guaranteed, with all balance boards we sell being certified under safety rules and mandatory fields. 100% safe South Africa HOVERBOARDS®  products that will last up to 2X longer than competitors and it fully complies with all South Africa safety regulations.

We have both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth Boards, with stylish LED lighting and different sized rims, whatever customisation you could think of on your specialist HOVERBOARDS  balance board features, HOVERBOARDS Johannesburg self-balancing boards come in a range of looks, like Camo, Chrome, Rainbow, Graffiti, and loads more! With a range of colours to suit and specifications to boast about. You could also travel in style while listening to your favorite music with the built-in Bluetooth systems. There is no better time to purchase one of our spectacular Self-Balancing swegway HOVERBOARDS products. These amazing little machines are the best of the best and you don’t want to miss out on one, furthermore, you don’t want to miss out on our great prices and out of this world deals with these great products.

One of the best Hoverboard bundle deals that can be found in the South Africa is the Fly Plus with Hoverkart from the best Hoverboards Company In Johanneburg. This great deal offers another way to have fun on your Hoverboard as it takes 30 seconds to mount and dismount once it has been constructed. All our hoverboards for sale are compatible with the Hoverkarts. This includes the All-Terrain model, the Drifter.

The Multi-Terrain model the Monster and the Vanguard model which also has 6.5” wheels. All of the Hoverboards from Hoverboardworld come powered with High Powered Li-ion Battery Cells 36V 4.4AH. Therefore, this makes them have long and sustainable durability as the batteries are powered by the highest quality components. With the Auto-Balance been added to all of the Swegways which are available to purchase from Hoverboardworld.

Futhermore, safety is our priority to make sure that everyone is able to use any of our Hoverboards. Our Off-Road Hoverboard models which are the Drifter and Monster are the best in the industry with the high-quality components used to make them ensure that they last as long as possible. The best South African Certified Hoverboard are all available to purchase With many different models available including the 6.5” Models which are the Vanguard and Fly Plus. We also have the 8.5 all-terrain Drifter model and the 10” Monster Model.

Our best selling Hoverboard over the years is the 6.5” Hummer Hoverboards model. With so many colour choices available to the customer with various patterns and Chrome designs, there was a lot of availability to the customer. The majority of these were sold with Bundle deals with the Classic Hoverkart and Pro Hoverkart. Our Multi-Terrain Drifter model was the second most popular Hoverboard that we sold over this record-breaking Black Friday.

Hoverboards For Sale!

With a lot of customers looking for an Off-Road hoverboard, the Drifter is always a popular decision. Our other 6.5” Hoverboard model which is the Vanguard model which comes in various solid colours is also a very popular seller with many customers looking to fit Hoverboards in their R2000 budget. Our biggest wheel model which is the 10” Monster Hoverboard model. This was mainly for a specific customer who were after a Hoverboard that would be used in various rougher terrains which this 10” Hoverboard is more suited for.

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