Press on/off button, no activation Trouble shooting methods:

  1. Charge the hoverboard to make sure it has battery power.
  2. If it has battery power, and still no activation after pressing power button, not even any voice, open the cover and check if the charging cable is connected to the cable.
  3. If the above two is in good condition, another reason could be that the bluetooth PCB has strong electric current, which sometimes burns the scooters big PCB, needs to change the big PCB.

Trouble shooting methods:

  1. Delete the bluetooth connection existing on your mobile device/phone.
  2. Re-search for bluetooth devices and connect.
  3. Use another mobile device and try again.
  4. If all of the above does not work, the bluetooth PCB may have shorted and needs to be replaced.

Trouble shooting methods:

  1. One motor not working and the red light keeps flashing 4 or 5 times, it’s the hall cable from the motor. Hall cable has 5 lines, one of which loosened or not well connected will lead to working failure of motors. Indication light flashes 4 times means the motor hall cable with the main PCB (as “H”) that has same trouble. Indication light flash 5 times means other hall cable is composed of 5 colors(as “B”), Any one breaks or not well connected, motor will not work.

Trouble shooting methods:

  1. Ensure the unit is off
  2. Placing board on a level surface securely
  3. Press and hold power button until the lights start flashing
  4. Wait until the flashing last about 5-7 times
  5. Most import process: when flashing stops, turn off immediately. If you turn off hoverboard while it is flashing, the gyro will get damaged and cannot gain self balance, need to change the PCB.
  6. Test and proceed to re-calibrate until corrected.


Hoverboard Battery

We use the high quality 18650 battery for our hoverboards which has long use life, recycling about 500-800 times but other small factories use the B battery . If you use about 50 times, the battery will die .Also our battery is domestic, It can provide high power when you take sudden turn and urgent high speed . But if you use the low quality batteries , when you do those actions your hoverboard will stop suddenly.suddenly.

Hoverboard Circuit Board

On the market , there are two classic mainboards for the hoverboards, one is the import ST chip, and another one is the GD chip from China. The ST chip system is more stable , even when you rotate or climbing a steep slope , the system will still keep same , the hoverboard will never have one wheel not rotating or one light breaking . That will never happen but those situations happen usually in GD chip.

Hoverboard Body Shell

The plate is aluminum plate . It’s more firm so it can afford more weight . Also the shell is ABS material, it can afford high force to hit it, It doesn’t break easily and we have plastic to cover the battery so when you ride , it’s more safe.


Hoverboard Wheel & Motor

For our hoverboards, we use the 2.5 250*2=500 w wheel , it can provide more power when you make urgent turns . Some low quality wheel will break off when they can’t afford enough power

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